Any product has
the right to be.
On guarantee.

Instead of offering a warranty for an exclusive product or category of products, we have created a flexible platform that allows us to offer a warranty plan for almost any product. Even for cheese (just kidding! Maybe ...) GARANTYR also fully manages the claim process.

Not only does the client receive the protection, but also convenience, which is something you want badly when communicating with insurance companies or manufacturers. Any request for a warranty case is submitted and resolved in the GARANTYR App. That simple.

We protect.
And even more.

Our warranty covers wear and tear, water damage and accidents and natural disasters for up to three years.
So, when something breaks, you can always count on GARANTYR to protect your customers, make them even more loyal,
and increase the chances of any future purchases from your store.

Wear and Tear
Protect your products
from the effects of mechanical or electrical performance.

Power Surge
Protect your products
from electrical breakdowns
caused by power surges.

Accidental Damage
Protect your products
from accidents like
drops and spills.


Any size.
Any product.

We have customized protection plans for millions of products in virtually every industry, including electronics, auto parts, furniture, home & garden, sporting goods and fitness, fashion accessories, home appliances and more. Just contact us to find out how GARANTYR can help you earn more.

No changes in the purchase process.
Increased comfort.

Customers purchase product warranty from your store and pay for them just like they normally do. So basically, GARANTYR increases customer peace of mind and the likelihood of a purchase.

Easy solution
that helps to earn.

Our platform can be integrated with your website within minutes. You run your store as usual and GARANTYR takes over the rest. And we'll continually optimize warranty prices to increase your conversions and margins.

Human can understand.

Multidimensional yet simple and straightforward analytics are always at your fingertips. You will always know exactly what products were sold with additional protection from GARANTYR and you will always understand how much you earned.


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